Claire Elder

Claire Elder is currently a doctoral candidate in Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. She is also a consulting political analyst, having worked previously for International Crisis Group (ICG) on Somaliland/Somalia.

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How to Boost East African Economies?

Mogadischu Life Economy. Photo by AMISOM Public Information via, CC0 1.0, This month’s African Union Summit is poised to probe widespread corruption but a closer look at East Africa also reveals other pressing issues, not least rising political uncertainty, economic instability and violence. With the 31st African Union Summit around the corner, the […]

Somaliland after the Elections: Old Traps, New Challenges

Tailer in Berbera sewing the Somaliland flag. Photo by Alfred Weidinger via CC BY 2.0, Despite the lack of international recognition, Somaliland has created a relatively stable enclave in the unsecure region of the Horn of Africa. However, the successful consensus politics of the past decades shows first deep cracks. Is Somaliland falling […]