Julian Dierkes

Dr. Julian Dierkes is an associate professor at the Institute of Asian Research of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. His research focuses on the political development and mining policy in Mongolia. Dierkes is one of 246 country experts who worked on the latest edition of the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index, BTI 2016. He blogs at http://blogs.ubc.ca.mongolia. Follow him @jdierkes

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Sükhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar.

Guarded Confidence in Mongolian Democracy

A high court ruling on the country’s electoral system has thrown Mongolia into political turmoil. How will this affect the upcoming parliamentary elections? Will the country stay on its path towards consolidating democracy? On June 29, 2016, Mongolians will be voting for a new parliament, the State Great Khural, for the seventh time since the […]