Szabolcs Panyi

Szabolcs Panyi is a journalist at Direkt36, a non-profit investigative journalism center in Budapest, Hungary. He covers corruption and national security related stories with a focus on Russian and Chinese influence in Central Eastern Europe. He received the Soma Award for the best Hungarian investigative journalism in 2015 and 2016, the Quality Journalism Award in 2017, and was shortlisted for the European Press Prize in 2018.

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God, Luck and Politics: A Brief History of Graft in Hungary

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Photo by Annika Haas for EU2017.EE via, CC BY 2.0 Corruption is deeply embedded in Hungary, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán shielded by a cluster of wealthy bosses with close personal and political ties to the leader. “God, luck and Viktor Orbán certainly played a role in what […]