Alex Vatanka

Born in Tehran, Alex Vatanka is a Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington. His forthcoming book is “The Battle of the Ayatollahs in Iran: Political Rivalry and Foreign Policy since 1979.”

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Iran before the Elections: Tehran’s Chernobyl Moment

Remains of Ukraine International Airlines’ Flight 752. Photo by via, CC BY SA 4.0 On 21 February, the Islamic Republic will hold elections. Authorities in Tehran claim that thousands of candidates have registered to run in the hope of securing one of the 290 seats in the Majlis, the Iranian parliament. This all […]

Stakes in Iraq: U.S. and Iran vie for power

US helicopter over Baghdad. Photo by The U.S. Army via, CC0 The United States’ tough stance on Iran has left many nations in a fix. Iraq is among those most afflicted by the battle for influence – and it remains to be seen whether Iran or the U.S. will prevail. When it comes to […]